Without experienced project management, over 50% of all technology projects fail

Building complex structures can be challenging exercises requiring detailed design, planning, labour co-ordination and resource management. In a traditional building environment one can at least rely on the bricks and mortar remaining constant while the structure is being built. The same is not true for most technology projects, where the relentless change of technology guarantees an evolving set of unknowns and grey areas, often outweighing the known quantities and predictable variables.

During the duration of a project, entire lines of hardware can become obsolete, being replaced by incompatible or largely untested technology. Fully piloted software installations can have unpredictable outcomes on large scales and well organised software development can grind to a halt at seemingly innocuous stages due to unique and unforeseen local issues.

While it is widely said that most projects do not fail in the end but at the beginning due to poor planning, this is only partly true of IT projects where the volume of unknown variables and grey areas can derail even a well designed implementation at any stage.

Through many years of experience we have learnt that successful project management in such an unpredictable environment requires a unique approach, consisting of many layers of contingency planning, effective communication, management through exceptions and constant review.

So whether your business is about to embark on an ERP implementation, data warehouse, infrastructure roll-out or critical software development, our extensive experience can make the difference between a successful outcome and another statistic.

Key Components:

  • Project design, viability and business justification
  • Clearly defined business objectives
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities
  • Clearly defined stages and milestones
  • Stage boundary management and contingency planning
  • labour and resource management
  • Management of the procurement process
  • Completion, handover and review.

MyTeam - Team Outsourcing

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An in-house IT team can be a costly endeavour, and to accommodate the wide and varied skills needed to produce the desired result, can involve a team of several people.


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