A leading cause of business inefficiency isn't poor management or ineffective procedures but poorly designed information technology

In business, the hardest decisions to make are the those that go straight to the core. Deep strategic choices that define an organisation and how it will operate. Once once made, these are almost impossible to undo.

One doesn't have to look far for examples of how far-reaching poor decisions in this area can be. Otherwise successful organisations with inappropriate trading names, historic and irrelevant branding, impractical locations and inappropriate business models.

By fitting like a glove around the business process, well tailored information technology can set an organisation free. Removing the burden of manual labour, enhancing vital communication channels and allowing staff to focus on their core skills.

At Techlink we understand that business technology has little value in isolation. That successful technlogy implementations start with designs that are crafted around business requirements and that the unique factors that make a business successful should also form the backbone of the infrastructure that supports it (not the other way round).

This is why a Techlink designed IT system is different. Our specialist designs are driven by your business needs and your unique characteristics. We put in place systems that strive to accentuate your advantages and reduce your barriers to a successful outcome.


Network design


The right IT network can make all the difference in business. Navigating through a difficult climate requires the ability to adapt quickly and process vital information without bottlenecks. Why not speak to the networking experts and see how your network stacks up?



Virtualisation is the art of consolidating many physical servers into a single piece of hardware. The advantages of such a system a far-reaching and range from higher availability, ease of backup, business continuity and enhanced testing and software piloting. Then of course there are huge savings in infrastructure costs.

Datacentre design


A co-located datacentre is a logical for a business seeking to centralise their IT infrastructure. Datacentres offer unparallelled security, stability and high-speed network connections. Datacentres also off their own unique design challenges relating to concentrated rack space, security. lower power provisions and difficulty of offsite backup management.