In 2012 there is no more important tool in business than your IT support provider, thanks for always being available Techlink.
—Raylene Fordham
Retail Services

In today's highly-connected business world, technical support is an inevitability.

Servers fail overnight, traveling salesman can't read email on their smart phones, office workers experience desktop crashes and senior executives are caught with their pants down during a presentation in a far-flung corner of the world.

Without ongoing maintenance all technology will eventually fail and without good technical support your business process will eventually grind to a halt.

At Techlink we recognise the need for support. But we also understand that money is better spent on innovation and improvements to your business. As such we aim to partner with our clients and provide a genuine outsourced IT department sharply focused on their business objectives.

So why partner with Techlink?

  • We value long-term relationships
  • We devote time to understanding your business and what matters to you
  • We speak your language and pride ourselves in our communication
  • We own problems
  • We see support as a necessary evil, not a source of revenue
  • We believe pro-active monitoring can resolve most IT issues before they occur
  • We give you a Systems Engineer not just a Computer Repairman
  • We believe in good design over excessive support
  • We solve underlying problems, rather than fix surface level issues.
  • We seek to constantly innovate, standardise and streamline systems.
  • We offer a fully integrated helpdesk with escalation and emergency handling
  • We manage our service levels and take pride in our response rates
  • We offer service level agreements (SLA) where required
  • We offer varying packages of pro active maintenance as well as reactive support
  • We are organised, efficient and our staff mean business
  • We concentrate on areas that leave your business exposed such as backup, disaster recovery and documentation
  • We offer numerous discounts on related services and products such as Project work, hardware and software purchases.



network monitoring

network-monitoringPro-active monitoring of your IT systems is a must if your business is to avoid downtime. With a comprehensive suite of customised systems, Techlink can provide your business with early warning of failures and capacity planning for the future.


network assessment

network-assessmentGive your network a checkup with a Techlink no-obligation network assessment.

See how your systems stack up against industry standards and where your risks lie.


network documentation

network-documentationHaving a fully documented network can put you in charge of your IT, not your IT in charge of your business.

Call us and see how a network audit and documentation can help your business.