We specialise in creating software solutions to your unique business problems.


Professional outcomes need a structured approach, at Techlink we have developed a nine step process.


During our initial phase, we provide an initial estimate, review the customer requirements and needs and analyse any applicable existing software systems then we provide a quotation.


For custom software to perform to expectations, it is mandatory that it rests on the bedrock of a solid specification. This involves database design (if applicable), data flow diagrams, program flow diagrams, wireframe design of the user interface and a project plan.

Interface Acceptance

Many software projects fail to satisfy the customer by being difficult to use while satisfying the letter of the specifications.

To circumvent this, we develop our UI first and go through numerous feedback stages and refinement with the client and the eventual users of the software.


It is only after the customer is satisfied with the useability of the interface that we begin the development of the underlying mechanics of the software including any database construction required.

Acceptance Testing

After going through alpha testing internally, we provide the application to the client for beta testing, and acceptance testing.


Following completion of acceptance testing, we perform installation of the system, and provide installation media and documentation of the product.

Our talented team of developers have skills in Windows .NET C#, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PHP, ASP.NET, Pronto 4GL, Pronto SQL, Unix scripting languages, and a range of other languages and environments.



Business Intelligence


Accurate reporting and financial reporting is essential to effective forecasting and planning of a business. We can provide custom business intelligence packages, consulting and advice on third party utilities.

ERP Integration


Many modern IT systems including CRM and BI can benefit from integration with your ERP system.

Database Design


Whether your database requirements are small or large, our database design team can provide you with a solution that is custom made to your needs.