In today's highly connected environment, losing internet connectivity can be as disrupting to a business as losing power

The pace of technological change is widely perceived as relentless and inevitable. New technologies have wiped clean old methods of doing business, well established processes have become a thing of the past and complete business models have been created anew. What isn't generally understood is the slower and deeper changes that today's online world has brought about. Yesterday's Internet was an efficient means of communication and collaboration but with little impact on you and me.

Today's internet however, has crept up on us so slowly that few of us have realised that a measurable degree of our identity is held firmly 'in the cloud'.

From paying bills, managing our banking and grocery shopping, to getting to work on time, these tasks are now inconceivable without an internet connection and access to services 'out there'.

More profound still is the impact on Business. Slowly but surely, businesses have yielded bricks and mortar for the electronic efficiencies of the internet.

Even the least technically savvy organisation is unable to submit a purchase order, receive a customer payment or report on the health of the business without a net connection. So deep is this dependance that losing connectivity to the internet can be as disruptive to business as losing power to the office.

Techlink understands the need for solid and dependable connectivity, after all We have been connecting businesses for more than 12 years. From affordable ADSL connections to next generation technologies such as Fibre, ethernet over copper and dedicated wireless, the Techlink range is business tested.


Business Internet


Next generation business connections:
Looking to the take your business beyond ADSL? Considering additional connections for  redundancy and high availability? Talk to us next generation connectivity options such as;

  • Ethernet over copper
  • Fibre
  • wireless solutions
  • 3g fallback and redundancy options

Private Networks


Secure and reliable MPLS private network products and branch connectivity options. Connect branches and teleworkers securely and reliably across the country or across the world.

Modular and flexible network expansion options with traffic prioritization, bandwidth management and quality of service.

Hosted Services


Next generation application, service and computing platforms. Techlink offers a rich variety of virtualised infrastructure, security products and hosted software services.

Tired of buying hardware? Talk to us about hosting your business services, from Exchange to ERP solutions. We can help you develop a roadmap to the cloud.